Our Lunch Menu

fresh, filling, fantastic


Yala Chargrilled Chicken

Succulent boneless chicken chargrilled with home grown rosemary, served with Lyonnaise potatoes and seasonal salad

Grilled fish fillet

Marinated grilled fish served with seasonal vegetables, Lyonnaise potato & lemon butter sauce

Seasonal mixed vegetables with cashew nuts

Mixed seasonal vegetables & cashew nuts lightly sautéed & cooked in Asian style. Served with salad and rice 

Freshly made

Hot cheese, tomato & mushroom sandwich

Hot chicken, mushroom & cheese sandwich

Homemade hamburger

Homemade vegetable burger

Homemade chicken burger

All our sandwiches & burgers are made with fresh bread, come with a side of chips & a garden salad

Sandwiches, burgers & breads 

Soups & Curries

Curry, Butter Masala & Rice

A rich butter masala made with your choice of paneer, cheese, tofu or chicken marinated in famous Indian tandoori herbs and served with rice or roti and salad

Mixed seasonal vegetables with curry & rice

Biryani made with traditional spices, rice meat or vegtables 

Thukpa & Thenduk

Thukpa consisting of a wild thin noodle soup with meat and/or vegetables

Thenduk consisting of a heavy wide noodle soup with meat and/or vegetables


Chicken & Mushroom soup

Tomato Soup

Cream of Vegetable Soup

All our soups are blended in house


Your choice of steamed, kothey-fried or extra chili momos

Momo choices included chicken, buffalo or vegetable

Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Available

A Yala Cafe our dinner menu is also available for guests. We are also happy to serve you brunch with our breakfast menu or any combination of all our menus!

Breakfast Menu

Dinner Menu

Our inhouse menu contains many more extensive meal options. 

Momos & an Open Menu

Yala Cafe

only fresh ingredients

At Yala Cafe all our meals, including lunches, are freshly made in our kitchen. Each and every morning and afternoon our kitchen staff visit the local markets nearby our cafe where we select only the finest ingredients. 

We pride ourself on our fresh produce, helpful staff and making sure you enjoy your meal!

people love our food

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Great experience

Wandered in here randomly and had a great experience. The place is very well set out and the food we had was excellent. Also Deepa who served us was very sweet, happy and polite. Great place.


One of the better options to enjoy a meal in Kathmandu

Yala Cafe is well on it’s way to becoming one of the better options to enjoy a meal in Kathmandu

David Ways – Author – Nepal Guidebooks & Best restaurants in Kathmandu 2019

Food is great!

Great restaurant, great location, and the dal baht is great!! Loved it and will be going back soon!



Hours of Operation

7:00am – 10:00pm

8:00am – 10:30pm

Come & have a great meal with us!

Yala Cafe
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